Rachel Berry, reporting from hell.

Rachel Barbra Berry, 17, Lima, OH. This town used to be a hellhole, now it's just... well, hell. But I guess the rest of the world suffered the same fate, or so it seemed on the last TV reports, before the world as we knew it, literally ended. I was going to be big on Broadway one day and now... I don't know anymore.

But enough of useless melancholy over unattainable dreams. This is a last resource at leaving my mark in this world, a diary if you must. If I have to die, I won't go unheard. I refuse to think the future generations, if they ever exist, won't know about me. I know someday in a better place, they will tell my story.

I was destined to be star once and now, I guess, I'm destined to be a survivor.

Rachel B. Berry ★



The house is awfully silent.

I keep thinking this is a nightmare and I’ll wake up and everything will be as always. That Dad will make breakfast and I’ll go to class and Finn will be waiting for me at my locker. That the newly reunited Glee club will we hanging in the choir room and Kurt would wave and Mercedes would beckon to me to sit next to her and Quinn would nod as I walk pass her.

That my NYADA acceptance letter will come into the mail someday soon.

It’s only been 6 days since the outbreak and I can barely handle it. I’ve never had too many friends but I’ve never been this completely and utterly… alone. I tried talking to myself (because singing is obviously out of the question) but even that is not enough- as much as I never thought I’d say this, I don’t want to hear my own voice, I want to hear someone else’s.

My dads’.

The Glee club’s.

I’d even take Sue Sylvester’s.

But that’s not going to happen. I need to accept that that world doesn’t exist anymore. That people, the people I loved…

The night after the outbreak was the last time I talked to my Daddy. I turned on the TV after an afternoon of running my scales when I saw it.

The world ending. Peple running scared on the streets, crying, hysterical. The terror that not even the media could contain.

And the blood.

And them.

I sat frozen for hours, trying to organize my thoughts and make some sense of the unbelievable images on my TV, until Daddy called. He… he was trying to control his voice but he was scared. He told me to stay home, close all the doors and wait for Dad. He made me promise I wouldn’t leave my house. He told me he loved me. And then I heard the sound of glass breaking and a scream. And the line went dead.

I couldn’t even say it back.

That was the last time I heard from him.

Dad never came from work.

I am Rachel Berry and it’s been 6 days since I had contact with anyone, 4 since the TV stopped giving reports.

I don’t have enough food at home to survive for much more. I have heard their moans, their banging, their scratching and it’s only a question of time until they realize I’m here. I’ve seen them through my window, they don’t seem to be very smart, but judging by the development of things, they don’t need to in order to extinguish humanity.

I hope not. Please, let not everyone be dead.

Rachel Berry ★

End of first report.

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